Prof. Anil Kumar FAQ
1. Do We Have Free Will or Not?
2. Will He Take Care of Us Now?
3. "Are Baba and Jesus the Same?"
4. "Why Should I Suffer Now From Previous Karma?"
5. "What Is ‘Bad Company’?"
6. “Would Baba come along with me on my morning walk?”
7. “Why do some children die at a young age?”
8. “Does the Atma have a religion?”
9. “Is it bad karma to change from one religion to the other?”
10. “In a family situation, if the parent has done wrong, will the child suffer the bad karma, resulting in the death of the child?”
11. “When does the Atma leave the body? What happens to the Atma after death?”.
12. “I still have desires. What to do?”
13. “How is it possible to lose a desire but not shut down the heart?”
14. “Your whole life is a sacrifice, is it true? Does God really want us to be such martyrs?”
15. What does Swami have to say about friends and the role they have to play in our life?”
16. “What Is The Origin Of The Mind?”
17. “What is The Significance Of New Moon And Full Moon?”
18. “You said,” he meant me) “the very Darshan of Bhagavan will clear you of your karma. But I'm still suffering from my karma. Has not my karma been cleared?” (Laughter)
19. “Karma, is it individual? Are countries also bound by karma?”
20. “What shall I do to dine with Bhagavan? To sleep in the room very close to His bedroom? Laughter) To go with Him in His car? To have a peaceful end of life, like His
21.“The husband is very much interested in Baba, but the wife is not. The wife is an obstacle. So, what should the husband do?” He also has given three alternatives: Laughter) “One -- should he get divorced from his wife? Number two -- should he continue along the spiritual path? Number three -- should he give up the spiritual path?
22. “I am a teacher of yoga. I know God is One. But do you think all the people I see are false? Do you think it’s all maya, illusion? Do you think they don’t exist? Do you say it is all a dream?”
23. “Can I see Baba in different forms?”
24. “What are the steps that I should take to merge in Him?”
25. What is the primordial factor that decides one’s gender in this birth? Why are you a man? How can you afford to be a woman? (Laughter) So the question here is what decides the gender in each life. Is it because of our past lives?
26.We have many cockroaches moving around our house at night, creating not only a health hazard, but also scaring us out of our wits at times. Can you please advise us how to treat these creatures? How do we treat these invaders with love? (Laughter)
27. Why do we have to go through this or any life to get Self-realization? Why didn’t we arrive already Self-realized? Have you found anyone who is? Also, once you have blessed something, or asked for something, or chanted a manthra, why do we have to do it over and over again?
28. “Why do we need to say a manthra repeatedly?”
29. “What is the difference between ‘grace’ and ‘blessings’?”
30. “Are grace and blessings temporary or do they evaporate after a period of time or after certain actions?”
31. “Is there any significance behind Rama being sent into exile for fourteen years? Why fourteen years? Why not thirteen? Why not fifteen, why? (Laughter) What is so special about this number?”
32. “What is vegetarianism? Is it really eating leaves and tubers, or something more?”
33. “What is the harm in killing an animal? Because, when you pick a fruit, you’re also killing it. By picking the fruit, the plant becomes handicapped. Doesn’t the plant suffer pain? So, this is pain and that is pain. So, what’s the difference?”
34. “Why should I have the goal of liberation or Self-realisation? After all, why? What is the harm if I am reborn? What is the harm if I'm to die again? Why not? Then in this birth, I can enjoy life. In liberation, where is the enjoyment because you are one with God?”
35. “What is known about the Golden Age that Swami often talks about? When will it begin?”
36. “Why man? Why are we here? Why are we created?”
37. “There are so many ages like the Thretha Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kali Yuga. Are they different periods of earth’s evolution, or are they something different?”
38. “Why does God come so infrequently? Why only every 500 years or 1000 years? Why not regularly, like a train? Why not? (Laughter) Had He been here throughout, arriving year-after-year, then all our weaknesses could have been prevented and we would never run away from the path of righteousness -- we’d never run astray. God could control us if He appeared frequently and regularly. It would make His job lighter and easier.”
39. “Is there any evidence of life on any other planet?”
40. “As the day in the Kali Yuga is 24 hours, what was the duration of the day in the Dwapara Yuga, or even before in the Thretha Yuga?”
41. “What does Bhagavan say about telepathy? Some people are gifted with telepath. What does Bhagavan say?”
42. “Bhagavan Buddha left his family. But wasn’t it His duty to take care of His family? Is it justifiable that He left his child and wife like that?”
43. “God is goodness. God is full of values, while man in contrast has no values. Man is brutal. He’s horrible. He’s crazy. What shall I do now?”
44. “What do you mean by transformation? Does it mean controlling the senses or eliminating the ego? When there is Reality inside, what do you mean by transformation?”
45. “How can you pray with absolute faith when you have to sacrifice? Abraham had to sacrifice his son. Abraham had to kill his son, as per the command of God. Abraham was called by God and commanded to sacrifice his son. When I have such a costly sacrifice, how can I pray to God?”
46. “How should youngsters behave, particularly when they are overwhelmed by images and news? How should they behave?”
47. “How do we deal with rebirth or reincarnation? How does it reconcile with Adwaitha? What exactly is rebirth, if only God exists?”
48. “How do you view depression in a civilised world?”
49. “There are many people who claim that they are the reincarnation of Jesus.” (Laughter) “Shall we follow him?”
50. “We have very little time to work in the organisation. Baba, with all His compassion, is accelerating everybody’s karma. Please clarify.”
51. “Does spiritual evolution continue after death?
52. “Before He took a body, was Bhagavan aware of bliss and Love to the same extent that He is now?”
53. “When He separated Himself from Himself into many, was there any reduction in bliss? Was His bliss reduced? Is His bliss now divided, separated? Does He experience less bliss?”
54. “How do we know that we are realised?"
55. “Why doesn’t Bhagavan cure Himself?”
56.It seems Swami said another prayer: “Annam Brahmaa, Raso Vishnu, Bhoktho Devo Maheswara.” The question is this: Shall I say “Brahmaarpanam Brahmahavihi” before eating food, or shall I say, “Annam Brahmaa, Raso Vishnu, Bhoktho Devo Maheswara” -- this prayer or that prayer?
57. “Why was Rama commanded to spend 14 years in exile?”
58. “How did you become the translator for Baba?”
59. Who helped Swami with the translation while I was away here in the US?
60. The next question was a request for me to share my experiences about leading a detached life, yet attached to Swami. The questioner expected an authentic answer from me, and was already under the impression that I was an example to emulate.
61. “As members of the Sai family, how can we get in touch with you, from wherever we are?”
62. “It is really a different experience to be in physical proximity. How would you handle or lead your life if you were not in the physical proximity of Bhagavan?”
63. “Iron kept near the magnet acquires all the magnetic power of the magnet. You live in close proximity to Bhagavan. Have you acquired magnetic power too?”
64. “People say, ‘Give up the ego.’ Tell us in simple terms how to drop ego?”
65. “Does Baba speak all languages?”
66. “Does Swami get upset, angry? Is He emotional?”
67. “How do we pray to Swami when we are in difficulty and our life disturbs our balance?”
68. “What does it mean when Baba stands in front of you during darshan, waves His hands and looks into your eyes, blesses you and walks away without saying anything?”
69.“What is a typical day and what are the challenges you face, being so close to God?”
70.“I am new to the Sai Organization. As my husband is a devotee since childhood, I follow Sai. I like the good work of the Sai Organization. But I am not able to accept Swami as God, like Rama and Krishna. How do you accept Him as God?”
71. “Since we live in America, does Bhagavan want us to sing English bhajans?“
72. “We are in the process of opening a new business. We would like to have the Sarva Dharma emblem prominently displayed at the entrance of our store with Baba’s quotation. Is it OK?”
73. “Is it not the bounded duty of the Sai Organization to actively and resolutely campaign against people who use the name of Sai and indulge in methods of treatment like vibhuthi and run temples by collecting money?”
74. “Speakers always tell us about their interviews and how badly they feel if Swami ignores them in one darshan. Most of us have had no personal interviews. Swami tells us not to seek interviews, but inner-views, so why do most of the speakers at the retreats tell us about interviews, but not about inner-views?”
75. “How can a wife develop self-confidence if she has to be submissive to her husband?”
76. “What advice does Swami give to couples when the wife and the husband disagree?”
77. “When parents and their son are discussing a particular issue, but see it from different perspectives, whom will Swami oblige?”
78. “What has Swami said about the war between America and Iraq, and the present conflict between America and the Middle East countries?”
79. “After being here this question was asked by an Indian in the USA), we face ‘culture shock’. What does Baba want us to do about culture shock?” So, for your shock, He has to suggest something! (Laughter)
80. “Are Comparison And Competition To Be Avoided?”
81. “When there is no co-operation within the family, can we still attain liberation?”
82. “Is it necessary that one should face dissatisfaction to be spiritual? I am OK with the world. So, why pursue God then? I am fine in this world.” This is a question from a young adult.
83. “In the midst of busy work, how do I link myself with God? Some people have to drive hours and hours to reach their work spot. At the end of the workday, they return completely tired after driving more hours. In this busy life, how am I to establish a link with God?”
84. “God says to do good to all. Where do I draw a line, say, if I have done the best of my ability, and yet another man hurts me?”
85. “If anyone criticises me, I feel badly. I have not gotten beyond that feeling. What do I do? How do I take the criticism? I have still have a reaction. What am I to do?”
86. “Particularly in America, how do we, as Sai devotees, find the right balance between worldly success and spiritual growth towards Swami's Lotus Feet?”
87. “How do you develop, protect and improve faith?”
88. “Sometimes my faith wavers. How can I make it steady? What should I do to make it firm?” A genuine question indeed!
89. “Although we know God is Omnipresent and we feel that we are sincere devotees, we are still disappointed if vibuthi does not materialize on our altars, or if we are not granted interviews. Does this mean that we have not done enough sadhana or spiritual practice to receive God's Grace?”
90. “What is the Divine Message of Bhagavan? Convey it in one sentence.”
91. “Explain Mukthi (liberation), Moksha (heaven ), Nirvana (liberation) briefly.
92. “How do I get over my anger? What does Swami say about this? How to overcome my ego?”
93. When Swami suddenly talks to a boy, a student, well, he will think he is very special.
94. One boy asked me, “Sir, how do you know that there is ego?”
95. “How do we remove bad thoughts?”
96. “Please say a few words on Ahimsa, non-violence.”
97. “I really do not know why I start crying while singing bhajans. Can you please tell me why this is happening?”
98. “How is the spiritual heart connected with the mind in the body, in terms of feeling, thinking and action? How do I connect them for a better life?”
99.“Explain harmony in thought, word and deed in terms of its inner meaning.”
100. “All good people suffer - why?”
101.“What is good company and what is bad company? Can't we change the bad into good?”
102. “How do you distinguish between the true inner voice and the mind's whisper?”
103. “What explanation would you give to a person who does not believe in past life, and who is as good as one can be, in regard to the pain and suffering he goes through?”
104. “I am not satisfied with my spiritual progress. Why? How to be satisfied?”
105. “How to earn His grace?”
106. “What is surrender?”
107. “We women, whom should we follow? Should it be Sita, the wife of Rama, who accompanied her husband into exile, or should it be Urmila, the wife of a brother of Rama, who remained at home?”
108. “What are your views on dreams?”
109. “I am suffering. How is it that Bhagavan is not able to respond to my prayers?
110. “Is there anything wrong in praying to Swami for our wants, for our needs?”
111. “Swami repeatedly says, ‘My life is My message.’ Could you please share your thoughts on its basis for the benefit of the devotees in the Bay Area?” )
112. “In a family, how is it that one or two are devotees, while the rest are not Sai devotees? Why?”
113. “What is the difference between surrender and merger?”
114. “Would you please explain a little bit more about the three R's - reaction, reflection, resound?”
115. “I am from Lebanon and I am a Jordanian Christian. My people accept all that is related to Christianity, but not Baba. What should I do?”
116.“When I have to suffer my own karma, what sort of help does Baba extend?”
117. “Why should one desire liberation when he has no idea of it?”
118. What is Swami's opinion about Jyothisha? Horoscopes?
119. How can we transmute our energy in the chakras?
120. I am a devotee of Swami and have been for the past four years. Does Swami know about me? Does He know of my love and devotion for Him?
121. The thought for the day of the 18th September, 2003 revealed: “Man has been given a hundred years of life and plenty of work to fill the years with, but you fritter the time with playful games, founding and fostering a family.” What does Baba mean, ‘We fritter the time in founding and fostering a family?’ Is there something wrong in founding and fostering a family?
122. “What does Baba say about Vastu? Vastu Sastra is a special science that speaks of the engineering constructions, where such a building has to be constructed in the north or something like that.”
123.“Sir, we all agree that all human beings, irrespective of cast and creed, are in search of the so-called unknown in the physical world, which is peace or universal Love, or Self- realisation. We also agree that Swami has incarnated in the world for this very purpose, to help or lead of us on the path so that we can reach the destination. Now, sir, you are in the proximity of the physical form of the Avatar, and also on constant physical talking terms, more than anybody else in the world. Do you feel that you have come to the end of the search, or feel that you have accomplished the task of this life, or do you feel fulfilment can be attained in the near future? What exactly is your inner feeling? Sorry, sir, for asking a personal question, but this is out of curiosity. (Laughter)
124. “Why does Swami stare at His devotees during car darshan? It happened to me twice.”
125. “There are 120 members in a samithi and they want to organise into two groups. In one group, there are devotees with instruments, capable of singing. In the other group, they are not that talented. What should we do?”
126. “If death is the dress of life, which means we should not be afraid of death, then what do we do with the Mahamrutyunjaya mantra? Should we chant it or not?”
127. “Why has Swami recently begun Vedic chanting? Is there a particular reason why this is done at this particular time? Music can have a great pacifying influence on people.”
128. “In this time, what is the most healing music for the western over-stressed and disturbed mind? Could singing a mantra or reciting one be more beneficial?
129. “Why can’t we sing Sanskrit songs? Why sing some other songs? The world council has sent a circular that we should sing in our own language.”
130. “The Sai organisation is seen as a sect because of Hinduistic influence. Does Swami want to comment on this?”
131. “Who is the next Avatar?”
133. “What about merging with Brahman at the end of all creation and returning in the next creation in another human form?”
134. What does He do with the lingams?
135.“Sathya Sai Baba produced three Atma-Lingams as part of Lingodbhava on Friday, February 18th. What did He do with the Lingams? Did He use them for something? Did He create them for somebody or for the world?”
136. “How does one get Swami’s Grace?”
137. “How does one settle in Prashanti Nilayam?”
138. “Baba says that He does not transfer His power to anybody. In a few places, we find vibhuthi manifested and some people who are able to materialise vibhuthi and the lingam, etc. Is this not a transfer of power?”
139. Will Baba show the whole world that He is God in His present body, or in the body of Prema Sai? Will Baba show that He is God now? Or, will He show this as Prema Sai, the next Incarnation?
140. ”Will Baba transfer His powers to somebody?”
141. “It seems that the state president issued a list of ninety bhajans with a directive that no other bhajans be allowed to be sung in the bhajans mandali. The list does not contain the old and new bhajans sung in Prasanthi Nilayam. What shall we do?”
142. “Whatever happened to me was for my own good. I killed a person for a minor provocation. Is that also for my own good?”
143. “Will Baba show the whole world that He is God in this body, or in the coming body, that of Prema Sai?”
144. ”We cannot forget and forgive everybody so easily because we are human beings. But Swami says to forget and forgive. Swami can smile in all situations. We cannot. Can you show the right way towards life, or should we say a spiritual life? How to smile in all situations?”
145.Is there a realised soul?
146. “I work in the Indian Navy. During an interview, Bhagavan told me not to think negatively. He also gave as an example about the construction of the building where we see the walls being built and the roof being laid. Please explain this analogy.”
147. “Did Baba say anything about the heavenly Ganga and the four Vedas?”
148. “When Swami asked me, ‘what do you want?’ I expressed the wish to dance the Cosmic Dance with Him, thinking of Divine music and the joy of Divine rhythm. Above all, the Divine Dance is bliss, unison with Lord Shiva.”
149. “Why is there an increase in population?”
150.Every time I try to do some seva or join in some good deeds, there are always obstacles that prevent me from doing so. How can you explain this?
151. When we fall sick off and on, should we really go to the doctor every time? Is it not okay to take vibhuti in water and chant Swami’s Name, however big or small the ailment might be?
152. Characters like Meera and the gopikas are misleading.
155. If every woman acted as Meerabai did, the family would be in utter chaos!
156. I openly disagree with what Meerabai did. (Oh!) She left her husband for God. Why did she marry then? Is she not violating the duty of a wife or a householder?
157. Is it proper for a mother to curse her own children just to vent her anger and ego?
158. When somebody curses out of anger or frustration, does it affect us, though we did not commit any sin?
159.We are drowned by confusion. Please enlighten me by clarifying the following queries: How do we seek approval from Swami for our day-to-day decisions? People who are physically close to Swami get their questions answered there and then.
160.Swami says, “Love all, serve all”. In family life, it is not possible to love all and serve all, especially, when people around are jealous and political. (Oho!) So, should we distance ourselves from such family members or still continue to mingle with them?
161. I always look upon Swami as my spiritual guide and Divine friend. However, my personal experience with Swami has been limited. He has been compassionate during the one or two physical encounters I have had with Him. My question is this: Krishna was a physical and spiritual friend to Arjuna. Why is it that God now chooses indirect communion with His friend? This has been the biggest test of our true friendship.
162. Swami says, "I pass on My energy to you during darshan." Can’t we draw Swami’s energy doing bhajan alone at home? Millions of devotees are not able to come to Parthi to physically draw this energy. Please advise me. Is there a difference between being at Parthi or at home, filled with thoughts of Swami and prayers? I wish to make my home a temple so that I don’t miss Swami at any point of time.
163. I feel everybody should have at least one experience with Swami, to know He is God and to have faith in Him. Initially, when someone told me He is Shirdi Sai, how could I believe Him? There are so many God men in India who are claiming they are Shirdi Sai, etc. etc. How do we rule out the fake ones? How do we keep Swami above all these God men?
164. Why is Swami healing so many people, but our own love cannot heal His ailments? It makes people suffer.
165. If we ask Swami wholeheartedly, can He liberate us from all of our bad past karma?
166.My son is not spiritual in the way I want him to be. My grandson doesn’t behave in the way I want him to behave. I want to correct my grandchild, but my son will not permit me. I want to correct my granddaughter, but my daughter will not permit me. What can I do?
167. What do you say about India as the spiritual heart of mankind?
168. If Swami knows everything about us, why did He ask you yesterday, during His Divine discourse, about the name of the boy standing there?
169. Is a dream with Swami a perfect interview? And must we take all instances from Him as though it is exactly happening?
170. What is Amrita ?
171. Should we read ONLY SAI literature?
172. There are certain great important composers, eminent devotees like Jayadeva and Annamacharya, right? These composers have brought in certain sensual subjects. What does Swami say about it? We do not find the boys or anybody here singing those songs that relate to sensual subjects.
173. Did Buddha refer to the Creator at any time?
174.What is it that gets in the way of knowing the Truth? Why don’t I see the light of Truth? Why don’t I see the flame of Truth? What is it that is keeping me in the darkness of untruth? Why don’t I see the light of Truth?
175. How can I avoid evil spirits?
176. Many of our brothers and sisters extol the virtues of Indian music because Indian music has become cool. I know Swami says very often that the Indian and Vedic traditions of music are very spiritual in their essence. Does He say anything about the inner power and meaning of western and classical non-Indian music and its traditions?
177.If everything happens due to God’s will, then whatever one does is not one’s own fault because God has already determined it. So how can one be responsible for one’s own karma?
178.What happens to the good souls after death?
179.Though I am not registered with any centre, can I become a certified Bal Vikas teacher? And please tell me how to be extra patient and loving.
180.How doe one live life, knowing that one is living in an illusion? How do we live in this world, knowing that it is all an illusion?
181. Can you please advise me if it is okay to continue my practice of pranayama, the breathing exercise? I attended your talk she means my talk here) and you said that pranayama breathing exercises are dangerous. Shall I continue with these exercises?
182. We have two Avatars. Can you explain how two Avatars can exist at the same time?
183. Swami sometimes says that He is only a witness, that He is not responsible for our actions. On other occasions, He also says that nothing happens unless He wills it. Can you please explain this a little further?
184.Regarding Pathala Bhubaneswar, another devotee told me, “That place was used by Jesus. It is a place where Bhagavan intends to build an ashram.” Can you please provide me with confirmation and information about this?
185.I attend the Sai centre regularly and follow Swami’s teachings, but one weakness I have is that I lack interest in my studies. Please give me some tips on how to love my studies.
186. May I incorporate Sai teachings and also practice kriya yoga, or do these conflict?
187. What is wrong if you are reborn time and again?
188. What is liberation is like?
189. How does one fully concentrate on Swami in order to become a true devotee?
190. What does Baba say about yagna?
191. Does Swami allow marriages between Westerners and Indians?
192. Then the next question is this: I have a doubt in my mind, involving the control of the mind. What is the best way to control it?
193. “A member of Sai organisation/a devotee, can he/she attend the discourses given by any other spiritual guru organised by Indian communities in our country?”
195. What is wisdom (jnana)?
196. Without mind, how can I know wisdom?
200. “When contemplating on Sai, which instantly leads one to enjoy and feel Sai’s Love, I find myself very sad as I feel trapped and chained by the very world I have created around me.”
207. Some members of our centre believe that we should recite the ‘Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu’ only after doing Arathi. Is that the right way for this mantra?
209.“My inner conscience tells me that it is time for me to let go of all worldly matters and settle at His Lotus Feet.” And he goes on to say, “My conscience is asking me to leave everything behind….. I am forty years old with a family.”
210. “I am not fit for service physically, but I feel that Swami is telling me that service and Namasmarana should go together. So what path should I follow?”
211. “In my profession I have to commit some sins. What shall I do?”
212. I could not participate in yagna because of some inconveniences. What shall I do?”
213. “We want to construct a Sai school in the western countries. Should the building be constructed facing towards east or west?”
214.“I am very much worried about scandals and conspiracies about Swami.”
216. “What are your views about astral travel?”
217. “Didn’t Lord Krishna cheat everybody in Mahabharata?”
218. The next question is with respect to translations available all over the world. This brother feels that there is a deviation from the original thought.
219.Why does Swami always give preference to boys only, and not girls? Are girls and women not as devoted as boys?
220. At Prashanti Nilayam, when people gather for darshan, almost all blocks are reserved, either for VIPs, students, ex-students, special foreigners, old people, etc., and hardly one block is left for the general public. People coming from far off places, with so many difficulties, hardly even get to see Swami properly. Is it not unfair to reserve these blocks always for VIP people, students etc., who also get easy darshan, sparshan, and sambharshan on a regular basis?
221. I am a 19 year old boy. I am not serious about life. How can I develop seriousness?
222. What is the goal of human life?
223. I want to know if Swami ever said something specific about Jehovah or Jehovah’s Witnesses.
224.I beg of you to explain terms like Love, Faith, Trust, Belief, and Sincerity.
225. Today I accept things. But how do I accept unpleasant things with joy?
226. How do I get connected with Bhagavan? I am studying in a very good college. But I am missing the link with Bhagavan. How do I get connected with Bhagavan?
227. If all are the same, why must we serve? Whom must we serve?
228. I am well-educated and learned, with good cognisance of spiritual precepts and Baba’s teachings. I know myself as a part and parcel of God for sure, without a doubt. I know that Swami and I are one. And I have all the correct knowledge and mastery over desire. Still I don’t have money, I don’t have a job, Laughter) and no shelter. What am I to do? I know that I am God, but have no job. I know I am God, but have no shelter to live in.
229.It seems in one of the discourses, Swami said, “You are only a puppet.” Are we puppets? How can we be puppets? It has disturbed our minds. Why? Why should we be puppets?