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Date:30 Jun 1996 Occasion:Divine Discourse Place:Prashanti Nilayam

As Is The Action, So Is The Consequence

Having done bad, you won't receive good,
Having done good, don't expect bad,
Having sown a lime seed, don't expect mangoes
And having sown a mango seed, don't expect limes.

As you sow, so you reap. This is the quality of nature. Every human action is bound by consequences. Therefore everyone should do good. Man today desires the results of good but performs bad actions. This is only a show of the ignorance of mankind. Not only human tendencies, but the influence of nature is also felt. People cry to God, "Why do You test me like this?" God does not give pleasure or pain. God is a witness and can be compared to the postman. The postman delivers the card or money order according to the address. The contents of the letter relate to you and do not depend upon the postman. However, God can bestow special grace provided you pray selflessly with a pure heart. For pleasure and pain, there is something fundamental behind it.

Duryodhana was determined to humiliate Draupadi in the open court. Draupadi prayed, "Keshava, Madhava..." Keshava means Ka + A + Isha or Vishnu + Brahman + Maheshwara, i.e. the embodiment of Trinity. "Oh God! You are the very form of this Divinity". Keshava also means Ka + Isha + Va. Keshava is the one with dark halo of curling hair. He is the form of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. So Draupadi prayed to Krishna. Krishna heard her cry and wondered how to respond. He reflected upon Draupadi's previous history. He remembered one Sankranti day, Rukmini, Satyabhama, Draupadi and Krishna were together eating sugar cane. To test them, Krishna pretended to cut His right thumb. It is natural for God to test to get the taste. God tests so that He can select and confer Grace. God does not test out of enemity or hatred. As blood oozed out, all noticed. Satyabhama called the servant to get some cloth. Rukmini herself went running for cloth. Draupadi on the other hand tore the end of her saree and used the piece to dress the cut. Satyabhama and Rukmini realized the greatness of Draupadi's devotion. Remembering this incident, Krishna intervened.

When you want a handkerchief, you get one in exchange for Rs 5. If you offer one unit to God, God will grant infinite. Such was Kuchela as he gave one handful of rice and returned to find mansions and untold wealth. When Sathyabhama tried to weigh Krishna, Rukmini could balance the scale with tulsi leaves. This is the leaf of the body. God will accept the flower of pure heart. He will also accept the fruit of the mind. In this fruit, there is sweet juice within. But the mind cannot taste the juice. Nectar's taste is unknown to the creeper. Rukmini offered a leaf out of selflessness and devotion.

In the court, though the five strong and valorous husbands of Draupadi were there, none could help her. She closed her eyes and prayed to Krishna. Krishna appeared. He made the little saree piece she gave as a bandage to Him long ago into infinite sarees. Out of God's grace, we can be free from the consequences. Oh man! Is it possible to run from destiny? No matter where you are, you cannot elude fate. You may immerse yourself in a lake or ocean, but how much you carry out depends on the size of the vessel. To expand the size of the vessel, seek God's special grace. All physical strength and intelligence are useless without righteousness and God. What happened to Karna?

Karna was one of the wicked four because he kept bad company. Company is very important. As is the company, so are you. On the battle field Karna fell. Arjuna was egoistic that none could vanquish him. To show Arjuna, Karna's greatness, Krishna assumed the guise of a Brahmin and approached Karna with a request for gold. Though in such a critical state, Karna told the Brahmin to go to his home and his wife would give him gold. Since the Brahmin insisted that Karna should only give him gold, Karna took a rock and removed two of his teeth that hold fillings. But the Brahmin refused to touch them. Karma shot an arrow into the ground and Ganga spouted forth. Karna washed the teeth and gave them to the Brahmin. Krishna looked at Arjuna who bent his head in shame. Krishna revealed to Arjuna that Karna was his eldest brother and in fact greater than even Dharmaraja.

Every tree carries the traits of the trees. As is the action, so are the consequences. Prior to the action, decide whether it is good or bad. Today, people speak and act without weighing the pros and cons. When the results come, they weep. Everything is natural action. The rain is for all the earth and not just for an individual. So too the wind blows for all and gives life to all living creatures. The five elements are for everyone and not just for one. God descends for the emancipation of the entire universe. Before doing anything, take time to inquire. The one without body feeling can do correct actions. With body feeling and attachment, you cannot do that. So long as there is body feeling, there exists nature. No body feeling, then no nature. In waking state only there is pleasure and pain. In sushupthi, there is no body consciousness and hence no misery. By constant contemplation on God, one can reduce pleasure and pain. Pain and pleasure cannot invite them. Thus, when there is no body feeling, there is no pain or pleasure.

The Upanishads say, "Oh man! Get up from sleep and slumber. You are the embodiment of Truth". You yourself are Sat-Chit-Ananda. The King, Prime Minister or President don't feel so while asleep. It is only when they are awake that they are aware of their position. Wake up in the state of light of wisdom and you'll know yourself. Though bitten by a snake in the dream state, do you consume medicine upon waking? We are in the sleep of body attachment. The solution for difficulties affecting us is to gradually reduce the illusion called body attachment and thus earn more bliss.

One is egoistic because of position, strength and wealth. Really, the higher in life one goes, the less should be the ego. Heavy clouds that give rain came down. So too does the tree laden with fruits have drooping branches. A small bird on a tender branch is not weary as the branch sways in the wind. The reason is that the bird relies on its wings. Man is fear stricken because he has no self-confidence. At the slightest problem, man gets depressed. As birds and animals lead life in a natural way, they have no problems. Have faith in the Atma and fear will be dispelled. Today, man relies on money instead.

Money is like passing clouds. As long as you have money and power, people flock around you. When you have strength of the spirit, the entire creation will flock around you. Having done bad, do not expect good. Every step should take you near God. Then any victory will be ours.