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Date:7 Jul 1996 Occasion:Divine Discourse Place:Prashanti Nilayam

Faith In Oneself Is Faith In God

People have become blind having lost the two eyes called faith; just because one cannot see, is God not present? May be, not for some but for others He is (present).

Since ancient times there have been lot of arguments and counter arguments regarding the existence of God. This is waste of time. For a blind person, there is no vision of Sun. For someone who has closed his eyes, there is no world. Does that mean there is no sun or there is no world?. No. There is a defect in vision (Drishti Dosham) and not in creation (Srishti Dosham). One who does not have faith cannot spend even ten seconds, he cannot walk a few steps, in fact, he cannot do even a small thing. Therefore faith is essential not only with respect to God, but in every field. It is because of faith that a person loves his mother. It is because of faith that a husband loves his wife. Where there is no faith, there is no love. There are two kinds of people-those who do not have faith and those who act as if they do not have faith. Every one has faith in heart but because of reasons like politics and party policies they pretend not to have faith (in God).

There was a question from MBA boys. They asked "Swami keeps talking of love, why should we love others?" I answered "Why should you hate others?". Hatred is there because there is love first. One can deny the existence of something that is (present). For ex: Is Sai Baba standing on the stage and speaking to you now?. You will say yes. After I go inside you will say there is no Sai Baba on the stage. So when you say "There is no God", what is it that precedes No God. It is "THERE IS" i.e. you can deny only that which you know of. Some also say "God is No Where". If you simply shift the word "W" a little bit, it changes to "God is Now, Here". If you have faith, God is now here. If you do not have faith God is nowhere. Anyway this is mere word building.

Faith is the vision that man needs. What you have seen with netra (eyes) you describe in shastras (scriptures). First you know something. This is Gnyathum ( to know). This is the stage of Sravanam (hearing). Then you see it. This is Drushtum (to see). This is the stage of Mananam (ruminating on it). Finally you internalise it. This is Pravishtum (taking in). This is the stage of Nidhidhyasanam (practicing it). Sravanam (hearing) is thus the first step. Even in the nine fold path of devotion, hearing is the first stage which ends with self-surrender. It is a full circle. If you start reciting the English alphabets you start with A and end with Z. Similarly If you start with faith you end up with bliss. Sravanam is important because people come to know something through their ears. If someone goes back to his village from Prashanthi Nilayam, he or she tells about the things they have seen here. Others who hear the things will then come over here.

All said and done Faith is the single most important thing in life. Some people may say they do not have faith. Do not worry about them. "For those who say Yes, He says Yes. For those who say no, He says No, Yes and No are for you all, For Sai there is only Yes, Yes, Yes". Even though people start with a No, they will also come onto the path of "Yes" after some time.

Jayadeva said "Jihve, rasagnye...". He praised the tongue which can speak such holy words like "Govinda, Damodara, Madhava..". This tongue is a stage on which the words are actors. It is only a witness not a factor of cause. Never involve in arguments, for it is only going to end up in enemity. Have faith in God.

Just because something is not visible directly, can you deny it's existence? You describe a person - six feet, 80 pounds, bald head. Is that all about him? What about his qualities like peace and compassion, truth and other emotions in him? Just because they are not visible does that mean he does not have them? Can you see air? Yet can you deny it's existence. That is how Uddalaka taught Nachiketa when the latter asked him "Where is God?" Uddalaka replied that it cannot be described in words, one has to perform sadhana, have the grace of the guru, and the grace of God. He asked for some sugar to be put in a tumbler and stirred. Soon the sugar dissolved. Although the sugar was not felt by hand, or seen by the eyes, no one could deny it's existence. Similarly, there is God. One may not have direct and concrete proof of that but one should take into consideration the indirect proof also. If there is smoke there has to be fire. A cow gives birth to a calf, with its tongue it purifies the calf, and then without anyone's direction the calf directly goes to the udder of the cow to drink milk. Who has taught this calf that it's food is available in the udder of it's mother. Is it not God's will? "They do not hear a good word, on top of it they talk in a foolish way. Why to have all these tendencies from previous lives and hatred and lot of troubles in mind? Pray to Sathya Sai".

Not many believe in past lives. Whether you believe or not there is a past. Otherwise there is no present. This past and the future are trees and the seed is found in the present. What is the form of love? But you know that a mother loves you. What is the shape of the fragrance of a Rose? But you know that a rose gives out the fragrance. That which has form is giving out that which does not have form. To go by direct evidence is foolishness. But it is truth. Can you see your own eyes? Yet can you deny their existence? God is everywhere. Just because there is no direct evidence you cannot deny this. If there was no God there would be no world. First one should have faith in one's own self. This Viswasa (faith) is the real swasa (life breath). Who is Sivam (Auspiciousness)? Is it the image of a person with a moon on His head and Ganges coming down from it? No. You are Sivam. As long as there is life breath in you, you are Sivam. Otherwise you are Savam (corpse).

One of the boys has said that it is very difficult to follow truth and practice Dharma. I do not agree. There is nothing easier than telling the truth. You do not have to think of a hundred things to tell a truth. On the other hand it is very difficult to tell a lie. You have to think of consistencies in your story and have the knack to cover up any loop holes. You have to bother about what you have told to different people. Body is like a railway compartment which has to be discarded at the time of death. Faith is truth. Happiness is heaven and despondency is hell. If there is no faith you cannot achieve anything.