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Date:3 Jul 1996 Occasion:Divine Discourse Place:Prashanti Nilayam

Transcending The Three Gunas

The visible world is the reflection of the three gunas (tamasic, rajasic, satwic). Man is in the form of these three gunas or attributes. Once we recognize the good and bad in the three, we can go beyond them.

Ordinary people need all three. Man cannot live without sleep, cannot act without discriminating first and cannot act without thinking first. Sleep, discretion and thought are tamasic qualities. Tamasic and rajasic are the two steps needed to become satwic.

Ratnakara was a dacoit who robbed passengers mercilessly. Tamasic is the one with no compassion. Because of the sparshan, darshan and sambashan of the seven rishis, he became a tapasvi, and through penance, he became a divine composer. A real kavi or poet is one who knows his innate nature in all three times of past, present and future.

Today due to Kali, the kavi just assembles a few words. They are not poets. Valmiki and Vyasa undertook penance and could know the Divinity, which is beyond the three attributes, and produced Divine compositions. Valmiki progressed from tamasic to satwic due to pious company. If you cannot change the tamasic in you, don't become weak. God's grace is essential. From tamasic one can become satwic with God's grace and by listening to the elders. Thus, the tamasic Ratnakara became satwic by touching the feet and listening to the seven rishis.

Valour, anger, pride, jealousy, pomp and ego are all qualities of the rajasic. Vishwamitra was rajasic but later became satwic. He was so jealous that Vashista was a Brahma-rishi, that he wanted to kill him. One night, Vashista was with his wife Arundhati. Arundhati praised the full moon. Vashista in turn compared the spotless moon's brilliance to Vishwamitra's penance. Vishwamitra heard this from behind the bushes. He threw away the sword and fell at Vashista's feet. Vashista said in a natural way, "Brahma-rishi Vishwamitra get up". Vishwamitra was ecstatic and inquired, "Why did you call me Brahma-rishi?". Till today, you had ego and you never bent your head. But you fell at the feet and this is a sign of egolessness. Brahma-rishi is the one without ego, attachment, possessiveness, and is unmindful of scholarship or exalted positions. He is just an instrument or puppet in the hands of God. For him everything is the will of God. 'I am doing this', 'this is mine and thine' are qualities of rajasic. The day one gives up the ego and attachment, one becomes a Brahma-rishi. The true sign of a sage is not severe penance but transformation of his self.

All virtues should be within all. The human life carries value if it has, 'love for God; fear of sin; morality in society.' The day man forgets truth and righteousness, he loses his value.

Today the price of brinjal is increasing while man's value is dropping. He has forgotten Dharma, so Dharma has forgotten him. If we follow Dharma, Dharma will protect us. If you kill Dharma, Dharma will kill you. Man has lost his value because he is not following Dharma or truth. Today we speak of Dharma. Until we get down from the platform, we have Dharma. We publicize Dharma without practicing.

Satwic incorporates things like forbearance and tolerance. The satwic does not permit any anger or jealousy. Even hatred should be converted to love. If you cannot do this, what is the fun of penance?

Swami propagates the doctrine of love. In every discourse, Swami mentions this love. How many of you practice or experience this love? How many of you give replies with love? Nowhere has Swami seen a single person with love, whether it be the canteen, mandir, bookstall, accommodation, or the hospital.

If no one speaks with love anywhere, why listen to the discourse? A new person comes and asks "when is darshan?", the reply is "Go! Go!". Can't you explain softly and sweetly that you don't know? Some others reply, "That's not my duty!". What loss do you sustain by speaking with love? There are men and women who have been here for years; none of them have love. What is the use of all the spiritual practices they undertake? What has happened to the love? They are killing love and developing hatred. They stay in the ashram but their actions are wicked. Do they speak truth or at least speak with love? Swami has never seen a single person speak so. Reply with love. If someone talks to you and you don't want to talk, you can say, "Sir, Bhagavan doesn't like that we talk more". Among the teacher, students, nurse, doctor, Swami finds none that talk with love.

Though Vishwamitra was not present, Vashista praised his penance. The moment Vishwamitra heard this, his heart melted.

When newcomers arrive, the residents must welcome them with all hospitality and courtesy. The same applies to the Institute. You should see that the new students forget about missing their parents. In outside colleges, freshmen face the demon called ragging. But you students should make the freshmen feel fearless, happy and remove agitation.

Bulls work constantly but we whip them. When the same bull is rendered as Nandi in stone, we worship. This is stone Bhakthi, not devotion of the heart. When one has such a heart, how can he call himself a devotee?

Today speaking of compassion has become a fashion. This is an ashram, i.e. the place where there is no shrama or suffering.

Many people feel sad that Baba doesn't grant them an interview full of love because outside they are treated like dogs. It is not possible to grant interviews to all. This big gathering every day is the cosmic and divine interview.