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Date:9 Apr 1996 Occasion:Divine Discourse Place:Kodaikanal

Talk Less, Work More

Embodiments of love,

For your word alone, you acquire all forms of wealth. Through our words alone, we develop friendships and relationship. Through our word we receive knowledge. Our words should be sacred and that is the essence of vedas. Words are wealth. Spirituality is the words of all sacred texts. Therefore, man should make every effort to talk appropriately. Swami always says, "You cannot always oblige, but you can always speak obligingly." Nature has all the attributes of God. Creation is the manifestation of the creator. Prakriti is out of God. Every person is born to reflect nature. What is prakriti? Not merely forms of material comforts. It is the form of God's wealth. It has three attributes..... Therefore, sthree stands for woman. Woman does not mean the physical feminine form. Every person that is born in the world is feminine. Every being has these three qualities: Sathwic, Rajasic and Tamasic. Man should have the qualities of sathwa, viz: pious, divine, novel, sacred so that he can merge in the Divine. Tamasic does not stand for dullness but for obedience, humility, morality and integrity. Rajasic does not stand for emotional, anger, arrogance, pomp, but for tolerance and charity.

What is manava? (Human) Man is one with sacred feelings at the center. This means a human is one with sacred thoughts, words and actions, all in harmony. That is why it is said that the proper study of mankind is man. The human quality is the perfect harmony of the thought, word and deed. Therefore, in the physical world, have purity and learn from the purity in nature. Spirituality is not penance, rituals, meditation, etc. These are only components. Making the heart pure is true spirituality. To be away from all unsacred actions is true spirituality. Spirituality contains the eternal truths. Spirituality is not thinking of God. Nature is the best teacher. In nature you learn many things. You can learn what is transient and permanent. That which is sacred in nature is divinity. Whatever is not in divinity cannot be experienced in nature. In ornaments, you find gold is one and same, everything is divine.

Every human being has sathwic, rajasic and tamasic qualities. From worldly point, we are man and woman. Birth and death is to all. Pleasure and pain should be treated alike. The principle of unity in both is one. We are weak when we are under the feminine qualities. It is wrong to say women are weak, non-independent, only for working in the kitchen. The word for weak is abala. The feminine form of God is Prakriti, nature. Its form is matter. The Divinity is energy. It is not possible to have prakriti without divinity. Both are inter-dependent and related. We should not, therefore, think anything bad because all are divine. Everything is full of sanctity. You should change your outlook. You cannot change the creation. Sadhana is making one's vision sacred, unique, novel.

In ancient Bharat, women stood for the higher quality. In the house, the woman stands for Griha Lakshmi. The respect of the family depends entirely on the woman. The ancient Bharatiyas said to watch the wife. She brings the sort of reputation to the family. They are the ones that give strength. Recognize that divinity is in all. All should reflect the divinity and broaden the mind. The heart should be full of sacred love. 'Hridaya' is the word of heart. The word (when split) Hrd + daya, is heart with compassion. So the heart should have compassion. Today, however, it is not there and full of wicked thoughts, etc. So purify the heart. In order to purify it, think of God. Abala does not mean weak. Take for instance a man who is a school- master of a hundred students. The students are very much afraid of him. That was so in ancient time, but today it is the reverse. The teacher is very much afraid of the student now. Such a master when goes home, he is afraid of the wife. So the woman is not weak. Take another instance, a military chief. He has lakhs of soldiers at his command. But he is afraid of his wife also. Thus all are weak. It is not the dress of a man or woman. All are children of immortality.

So who is a man? Only God is Purusha, not in the worldly sense. Inside the human body that divinity is Purusha. The body is the 'Pura'. Inside, residing as the awareness, is the 'Purusha'. So man is awareness. Basing on that awareness, all are 'Purushas'. So everywhere is only equality. All should only express the divinity. One should do his duty and discriminate. Body is separate. We wear slippers on our feet and glasses on our eyes. We do not do the reverse. Similarly, every object has it's utility. It is yoga to follow the duty. Yoga is unity and combination.

For divinity you need unity. So we should develop purity. Unity gives strength. Unity is the very life breath.

Take the example of a cloth. The threads are well woven but if you separate each thread, there is no strength. Man has three responsibilities. First, individual. Second, society. Third, family. "When the individual is good, the family is good, When the family is good, the society is good. When the society is good, the world is good." So, welfare of the world depends on the individual. What is 'Vyakti' - 'individual'? We call body vyakti. The vyakti expresses hidden sacredness, the divinity inside. It must always be expressed. Then he is an individual. The behavior of an individual should be proper. This is called good conduct. That is the main quality. In divinity, the whole of humanity is one and same, with no differences. There is only one caste, the caste of humanity. Caste is one but cultures vary. Basing on regions or environments, we have different cultures. We have to conduct ourselves according to environment. In a hot region like Andhra Pradesh, one has to wear cotton clothing, but in cold regions, woolen clothes. The entire creation is full of divinity. Everyone should recognize this. There are many tubes and bulbs. Their capacities may be different but the current is one.

Religions are many, goal is one,
Ornaments are many, gold is one,
Milk is many, cow is one,
Flowers are many, thread is one
Procedures to god are many, God is one

We should always use discrimination and discipline our lives. Without discipline, we can go astray. Take for instance the body temperature. The normal temperature is 98.4 degrees. If it is higher, we get fever and disease. The normal blood pressure is 120/80. More than that leads to disease. So body is a limited company and life should always be within limits. Be yogis/aspirants, not rogis, disease-filled. Life is one of sacrifice too. The food that is eaten has to be sacrificed. So too, our breath which is inhaled must be sacrificed. Sacrifice is yoga. Three disciplines are necessary... Thoughts, words and deeds are in harmony. Have control always over tongue. Talk less and work more. By being quiet we have more energy. All saints observed silence. In silence the intelligence improves. Therefore, saints dwelt in solitude. In midst of society we are hearing and seeing everything. What should we hear or see?

See no evil - See what is good,
Hear no evil - Hear what is good,
Talk no evil - Talk what is good,
Do no evil - Do what is good
This is the way to God.

If we entertain bad thoughts, we become bad. Always behave in society in a proper way. For example, coal should be near fire. Then both are one. Coal gets totally transformed. You should also be near but dear to God then only you are one. If you are merely near, you are like frogs on a lotus, not aware of the honey. The bees come from far away and suck the honey.

In the culture of Bharat, we do namaskar. All five organs of cognition and five senses are united. This is unity in diversity.

Nations are many - Earth is one,
Beings are many - Body is one,
Stars are many - Sky is one.

Water usually has no price, but if it is mixed in milk it has value because milk has quality. So never be in bad company. There is a saying, "Tell me your company and I will tell you what you are." The way to discriminate is to watch a person's conduct. Do not have too much of friendship. It is highly dangerous. Because he may be friend today but an enemy tomorrow. Have less associations.

Many people come from different places and gossip a lot. In this way, energy is lost. With loss of energy, there is loss of memory. All this talk takes you away from God. Develop only satsang. Share love with at least ten people. We and we are one. When we discriminate clearly, we become sacred. No use doing meditation and japa. Is your mind steady? No! Follow conscience. God is the mother and father. He is in you and above you and around you. When he is so close, why search in forests? Do you search for yourself? God is indweller of your heart. You are God, not separate. You are given a name because of your body. You are not born because of nature. Nature as God is beauty. Service done to anyone is service to God. Whomsoever you respect that respect goes to God. If you criticize anyone, it goes to God. So 'Help Ever! Hurt Never'. This will give you bliss. There is no greater happiness if you follow this teaching.

[Discourse posted by Tricia Ostrosky on SaiNet - Transcriptions by Madhuri D. Kara]