Chinna Katha List
Guru's grace
Lighting the lamp
The Lord has no fixed form
The sacred fruit
Double the price
The best gift
Everyone must have faith in himself
Excess wealth can change one's quality
Selfishness will never work
One steady disciple
The three best things
How to deal with a bad habit
Mathru bhakti must precede Îs'ware bhakti
Self condemnation is egoism
Devotion of Gopîs
Women are more devotional than men
Whoever surrenders, Râma accepts
The unique treasures of mankind
Adi Sankara's Pithru Bhakti brings divine
The blanket of mâyâ and the bear
Tenali Ramakrishna's Tanesha Bharatam
Sabari's sâdhana
The World Conference of Animals
Seek the point of view of God
Atma Thathwa is one and the same in all
The one basis and different containers
The right path to liberation
Every act of the Lord has a significance
Hanumân's Devotion
Karna, the great Giver
Vairagya - The story of Mohajith
Never judge another's devotion
God on your side - world in your hold
Dharmaraja's grief over Karna's death
Krishna is the visualization of the Âtmâ
Nârada bhakti sutras
Playing marbles with the name of God
Caitanya - Incarnation of Krishna
The greater griefsize="-1
Reward for sincere yearning
The Most amazing thing on Earth
The Best Friend in Life
Wordly pleasures are like a serpent's grip
Sound is Sacred
Brahman is all pervading
Leave Everything to His Will
God makes Himself aware to beasts and
The Gopîs' Messenger
You can not Paint the World Green
Lakshmâna counsels Guha
Kalidasa's Bhakti greater than his Yukti
Bharatha's Adoration of Râma
Practice Self Control with Steady Faith
The Lord cares for the feeling behind the
Guru, the Last Resort
Freedom from Egoism: First Qualification
Desire Binds Us
Your Thoughts Affect the Food you Cook
Yajñas and Yagas are Highly Valuable
Steadfastness and Deep Faith win the Grace of God
Unconcern Leads to the Deepest Yearning for God
Superstition and Blind Imitation
It is Never too Soon in the Spiritual
Transistor Radio - a Barbar's Box
Kabir's Pitambara for the Lord
'Dharma Bodha' - True Dharma of a Mahâtma
Every Material Object has a Qualitative
Rabbia Malik and Hussain
Faith and Science
Mâyâ can Ruin a Life
Affection and Attachment Responsible for
Secret of a Happy Family
Riches are a Deadly Temptation
Enslave Yourself to God and Not Man
Râsakrida - Its Significance
Stick to your Innate Nature - Whatever
Perform All Work Intelligently
Act Right, then Claim the Fruit
Words Reveal the Breeding of the Speaker
Absorb only Good Ideas from Satsang
Happiness and Your Thinking
Implicit Faith is the Road to Spiritual
Mother Kâlî blesses Tenali Ramakrishna
This World is a Part of Kalpavriksha
Guru has to be Brahman Himself
The Dîkshâ for Acquiring Raksha
The Lord will not be Silent when the
The Lord's Name and the Chain of Destiny
Îs'wara Sankalpa will always be Fulfilled
Yoga-kshemam Vahâmy aham
Prayers must emanate from the Heart
Who is a Real Bhakta?
Âtmâ discriminates best
Steadiness and Ritualism must go with
Play Harichandra or Lankadahana - Not both
Bhakti is Above All
Faith can Compel the Lord to manifest
Great Men always Spread the Light of their Wisdom
Consequence of Keeping Company with the
The Discontented Man is as Bad as Lost
Sathya was the support of Shirdi Sai too
Revival of the Vedas
Respect or Disrespect which others Give
A Steady Mind alone can Understand
A Shirdi Event Recalled
Nârada Made Wiser by the Gopîs
Food is the Basis of Character
When the Lord Decides on Something it has to Happen
All Names are His, all Forms are His
Love All Whom the Lord Loves
It is Foolish to Imitate
Which Water Bag is Cleaner?
The Three Fishes - Sattva, Rajas and Tamas
A Divine Example for Leaders
God Never Fails Those who Call on Him with Faith
One false step
The Sons
Out of the Royal Gate
Vanity, vanity!
Coffee for fish
When the Gods Test a Man
She was his Teacher
The First Slip
Indians Taught Alexander
Who Wrote It?
The Kâliya Episode
What Actions Please God
Râma Blesses Govardhana Hill
Straight Dealings - Always Best
"Is That Real" or "Is This Real" ?
How far is Vaikunthha?
Cultivate Divine Qualities
A Super Thief
Two Minutes of the Forbidden Fruit
Where is God?
Give Up at least One Bad Habit
God Tests and Rewards
The Devotee Ran Away
Dharma Pays
Lesson from S'iva
The Winning Smile
Sense of Duty Saved him
He Has Neither
God Within
Common Salt or Cowdung
Nara and Naraka
Two Sirens
No life-line
Grammar and Grace
The Bandage on the Nose
The Desire to Die
The Non-existent Enemy
Sand into Gold
Waste of Time
He Yelled the Truth
Broken Pot
Even Gods must Obey
The Begging Bowl
Oh! I have died
Râma's cheek
Fine or Ghee
The clever old woman
Neglecting God
Two Letters Remained
His Own Rock
The Repentant Dog
Rukminî's Marriage
This will not Last
His Dharma Changes
The Wiser Wife
Returned with Thanks
The daughter-in-law's Dictum
Baby's Invitation
Follow the Wise Man
The Thorn on the Road
The Tender Feet
The Bangles on the Hand
The cry that can save
Bear with Others
The Faith of the Disciple
The Broom
Lame Excuses
The Donkey Died
The Rabbit Ran
Fear Kills
Send them to God
Many Voices
His Refuge
Where He is Not
The Trial
Victory is Sure
Go Slow
Banana Competition
The Tongue and the Eye
Physical Beauty
Who is to Die?
The Frog
The Cow she Wanted
Not Copper
Land Hunger
He Won?
Under his Own Pillow
About Turn
The Title at Last
Mutual help
The Vomit
Come Tomorrow
The Gifts
A Brick for his God
The most Laudable Choice
Scrap of Paper
The Dhobi Replies
Which one to Hold?
Intimations of Mortality
Stop! stop! Turn Back!
The Mother Cat
The Gerua Cloth
He asked for It
Sweeter than Tansen
The Cup and the Needle
Tit for Tat
The Son-in-law
The Eyes I Want
The Three Fishes
RGvana as RGma
Love God or be Loved
Ego Wins Easily
The Gash on the Back
Father Leaps to Save the Son
Position of Vantage
Alexander and the Sage
Boatman's Pride
No Place to Die
The Idol Turned
Inner Ganga
The Donkey's Thirst
The Seeing Eye
Begging from Beggars
The Five cow Woman
The Common Tongue
Bricks of Gold
The Camera
God's Plan
The Owner of the Kill?
The Curse that was Welcomed
Unoccupied Thrones
Let These be here Itself
The Mango
AyodhyG for Him
Milk and Water
Even This shall pass Away
Sai Baba and the School Boy