236a. Ego wins Easily

Sage Vis'vâmitra knew that Râma was the Incarnation of God and that He had taken human form in order to destroy the demonic forces and persons. He felt that Râma alone could keep the demons at bay, while he performed the vedic rite of yajña. He was certain that Râma was invincible on the battlefield and that Râma's divinity was full and impregnable. Yet, his ego, at the possession of certain weapons which can be activated by the pronunciation of certain mystic formulae and his knowledge of certain mantras which can confer safety and security, was so dominant that he offered to teach Râma how to handle them and how to master the mantras! It was all the effect of mâyâ and Râma tolerated the whims of the old man. He was the author of the delusion and he must have repeated the mantras after Vis'vâmitra with a chuckle, at the predicament of Vis'vâmitra.