100. Consequence of keeping Company with the Wild and Foolish

Once there was a hunter who had captured a baby bear and brought it up as his pet with great love and care. The bear too reciprocated his love and behaved like a good friend for many years. One day when he was traversing the jungle with his pet, who had grown up into a lusty beast, he felt overcome by sleep, so he laid himself down on the grass asking the bear to see that he is not disturbed. The bear kept watch very vigilantly. It noticed a fly that flew round and round and settled on the nose of the master. The fly went off when the bear waved its thick heavy hand; but it came again, and settled on the nose. The bear got enraged when repeated waves of the hand did not teach the fly the lesson that his master's nose was not the fly's resting place. At last the bear could not bear the insolence any longer. His heavy palm came down with a thump on the nose, a devastating whack! The master died on the spot! That is the consequence of keeping company with the wild and the foolish. However affectionate they are, their ignorance will land you into disaster.