98. Faith can Compel the Lord to Manifest Himself

There was a thief who listened quite accidentally to the recital of the charms of Lord Krishna during childhood; he stopped for a moment, but could not pull himself away. He heard the description of the ornaments Krishna wore and got a great desire to rob those precious treasures. He asked the pundit where exactly Krishna would be tending the cows alone or with just His elder brother or with a handful of comrades. The pundit told him rather curtly "in Vrindâvana, on the Yamunâ bank". Planning to catch Krishna alone and deprive him of the ornaments, he hurried off to Vrindâvana. Sure enough, he met the Boy alone next morning at the head of His herd of cows .... but how could he take off the ornaments from that Loveliness? He was afraid that the removal of even one would reduce the Lustre and his heart did not allow him to do that. He looked on for hours, lost in ecstasy, till Krishna Himself asked him, but he was too ashamed to mention it. Krishna knew it however. He gave him all the jewels He wore. The thief was overcome with shame and joy: he fell at the Boy's Feet, but when he rose, Krishna was not to be seen. He came to his village and consulted the pundit. "Are these the jewels of Krishna that you extolled the other day? I went to Vrindâvana and He gave them to me". Needless to add, the pundit fell at the robber's feet. Faith can work wonders; it can compel the Lord to Manifest Himself and give you what you believe He will give.