128. What Actions Please God

We must experience only the eternal bliss with the jîva and not the worldly things. We must perform good actions with the body and must have good promptings by the mind. It is only such things that please God and draw forth His Grace.

Here is a small example. There is a big wall-clock. There are three hands on it. One is a second hand, another is a minute hand and the third one is the hour hand. The second hand travels very fast, moving round the 12 numbers in 60 seconds, while, during this time, the minute hand moves through only the little mark or division. After the minute hand travels through sixty divisions, the hour hand moves through one hour. Sixty seconds make one minute and sixty minutes make one hour. Because the second hand and the minute hand travel relatively fast, we are able to see their motion. Because the hour hand travels slowly, we are not able to see its movement.

In the same way, after we perform a number of good deeds, the mind reaches a good place; when the mind thinks of a number of good thoughts, the jîva reaches the holy place of âtmâ. We are able to see the body-acts reaching the jîva (individual soul), but not the acts of the jîva reaching the âtmâ. Our body is like the second hand. Our mind is like the minute hand. Our life is like the hour hand. Therefore, we must do a number of good deeds through our body. We must contemplate over many good things with our mind. Only then, can we reach the holy place in the jîva-tattva. These are called the gross, the subtle and causal states. When we want to reach the causal stage, we must do many good things with this gross body and contemplate many good things with the subtle mind [see also Tempometer: Calculation help for setting a clock to the sun].