61. Steadfastness and Deep Faith win the Grace of God

When you have filled your heart with sympathy for the distressed, the Lord will shower His grace. Draupadî [daughter of king Drupada and wife of the Pândavas] had earned the grace through her devotion and virtues. Sîtâ, too, stuck to the highest ideal for life, in spite of the severe sufferings she underwent. Hanumân, who discovered her in the grove [see RRV-5] where she was kept as a prisoner by her abductor Râvana, offered to recross the ocean with her on his shoulders and take her safe to her Lord Râma. But, she replied that she will not allow herself to be abducted back from the custody of Râvana, since that will deprive Râma of the chance to punish him for his crime and retrieve her through his own heroism! Splendid words these! Quite in consonance with the dictates of dharma! No wonder, the Lord's Grace saved her in good time! If you have no steadfastness and no depth of faith, you can have no Grace.