216. Come Tomorrow

While life lasts, use every moment for the sâdhana which will lead you Godwards.
One day a poor brahmin arrived at the court of Dharmarâja (Yudhisthhira), the eldest of the Pândavas pleading for wherewithal for the celebration of his daughter's marriage. Dharmarâja promised to give him all that he needed, but, he asked him to come the next day. At this, Bhîma (meaning 'fearful, tremendous', one of the five sons of Pându, also called Vrikodara: 'wolf-belly' for his enormous appetite) was so elated that he ordered the event to be celebrated with the beating of drums and hoisting of flags all over the kingdom. When the King inquired the reason for this sudden spurt of joy, Bhîma replied: "You have now announced that you will live one more day; is that not enough cause for joy, when everyone else is uncertain of even the next moment"?