154. The Non-existent Enemy

The Sun God was, one day, very much impressed by the 1008 names with which a devotee offered Him worship. He listened to the Names as he uttered them in steadfast faith. He was particularly alerted when he called upon Him as Andhakaradweshi - He who was looked upon as the enemy of Darkness. He could not tolerate the existence of an enemy alive, so, He called for a war unto death on this demon called Darkness. He went into all the places where Darkness hid himself. But, no sooner did He spot him, the demon disappeared so that He could never come to grip with him. Finally, He concluded that Darkness was non-existent and was only a creation of the imagination of His adorers!

Before the Splendor of Immortality, the darkness of mortality too would flee in haste. The resident in the body has no birth and therefore, no death. But, man is hugging the falsehood that he is the body and so is subject to birth and death. A silver cup can be reshaped by the smith into a plate, or later, into a pan-box; but though the name, the form and the function vary it remains the same.