30. Hanumân's Devotion

After the coronation, one day, Sîtâ and the three brothers of Râma met and planned to exclude Hanumân from the seva of Râma and wanted that all the various services for Râma should be divided only among themselves. They felt that Hanumân had enough chances already. So, they drew up a list, as exhaustive as they could remember, of the services from dawn till dusk, down to the smallest minutiae and assigned each item to one among themselves. They presented the list of items and assignees to the Lord, while Hanumân was present. Râma heard about the new procedure, read the list and gave His approval, with a smile. He told Hanumân that all the tasks had been assigned to others and that he could now take rest. Hanumân prayed that the list might be read and when it was done, he noticed a task of omission - the task of 'snapping fingers when one yawns'. Of course, being an emperor, Râma should not be allowed to do it himself. It has to be done by a servant, he pleaded. Râma agreed to allot that task to Hanumân!

It was a great piece of good luck for Hanumân, for it entailed Hanumân's constant attendance on his Master, for how could anyone predict when the yawn would come? And, he had to be ready with a snap, as soon as the yawn was on! He could not be away for a minute nor could he relax for a moment. You must be happy that the seva of the Lord keeps you always in His presence and ever vigilant to carry out His behests [see for example also: S.B. 5:19, & RRV:12a].