81. Absorb only Good Ideas from Satsang

Many people do not imbibe good ideas from good company because they hold on to their prejudices, preconceived ideas and preoccupations. To them, Kumbhakarna (see also RRV-P2, ch2.) sends messages of sleep and they go to sleep, while others who are awake are troubled by extraneous thoughts of their office and so on. Yet others keep on looking hither and thither, and therefore only a small minority of participants absorb the good ideas from Satsang.

At one time, there was a pundit who was expounding the Ramâyana and he undertook to do this for a period of seven days. A woman, who had recently lost her husband, used to attend the same for some solace. She was a regular visitor and used always to sit in the front row. The pundit was expounding the Ramâyana every day and this woman was constantly looking at the book and shedding tears. The pundit presumed that she had great devotion and so at the end of the seven days, he announced that because of her regular attendance and devotion, he would give the prasad first to her. While doing so, he asked her if she had enjoyed the discourses on Ramâyana. In great sorrow, the lady replied that she did not know whether the pundit was reciting Mahâbhârata or Ramâyana. She further said that she was however in great grief, because the black string at the back of the book was reminding her of the string which her late husband used to wear around his waist. Thus she conveyed that her tears had nothing to do with the pundit's exposition of Ramâyana!